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Sakuu 3D prints high-performance solid-state batteries

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Company says its patterned lithium-metal process opens the way to high energy density batteries.

Sakuu Corporation says its Kavian platform can consistently 3D printed fully functional performant solid state batteries in custom shapes and sizes.
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California-based AM and solid-state battery company, Sakuu Corporation, announced it has consistently 3D printed fully functional, performant batteries in custom shapes and sizes. According to the company, the batteries were printed as patterned cells containing patterned openings for thermal management at Sakuu’s Silicon Valley battery pilot line facility.

“We believe we have the only known solution for manufacturing solid-state batteries at scale with our novel Kavian platform,” said Sakuu Founder and CEO Robert Bagheri. “Printing custom patterned batteries using a dry process that starts with raw material and concludes with a fully functional high-performance battery is a breakthrough that has the potential to transform how batteries of the future are manufactured for all industries. This milestone advances integration between our Kavian platform and our commercial-scale battery production plans towards an energy output goal of 200GWh by 2030 via a network of global partner gigafactories.”

Sakuu says its process more effectively uses battery cell volume and incorporates patterned pathways for thermal dynamic regulation, as well as integration of fixturing and sensors. Using a proprietary multi-material, multi-layer approach, Sakuu says its first printed batteries demonstrated cycling performance at C/5 and IC current rates. In addition, the company says it expects to achieve high energy density at 800 – 1000 Wh/L.

The company says it plans to sell its Kavian platform to other battery manufacturers, as well as leading automotive, e-mobility and aerospace manufacturers. In addition, the company says it plans to license its battery chemistries, both Li-metal and solid-state, to be produced with either traditional roll-to-roll manufacturing or in gigafactories utilizing its Kavian manufacturing.



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