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News Aerospace General
November 22, 2017  

Lockheed Martin ups its Fury UAV’s flight endurance

News Defense Automation
November 1, 2017  

Lockheed Martin to design U.S. Navy’s unmanned undersea vehicle

News Defense Quality
September 11, 2017  

Lockheed’s helicopter-based missile detection system passes review

News Defense General
August 9, 2017  

Lockheed Martin shows off next-gen missile defense sensor tech

News Aerospace General
July 20, 2017  

Lockheed Martin invests US$1.1 million in Ottawa AI software startup

News Defense Automation
May 16, 2017  

Lockheed Martin designs exoskeleton to help soldiers carry heavy equipment

News Aerospace General
January 9, 2017  

Lockheed Martin to design and build NASA’s Lucy Spacecraft

News Aerospace General
August 9, 2016  

Lockheed Martin partners with NASA for Lunar Imaging CubeSat

News Aerospace Defense General
July 27, 2016  

Canada pays $33 million to remain in F-35 fighter club

News Aerospace General
March 30, 2016  

Lockheed Martin sells hybrid airships in $480 million deal

News Defense Additive Manufacturing
March 21, 2016  

U.S. Navy Missile flies with its first 3D printed component

News Aerospace General
February 29, 2016  

CAE to acquire Lockheed Martin commercial flight training unit

News Aerospace Defense General
January 12, 2016  

Aerospace companies competing for military search plane contract

News Aerospace Defense General
July 20, 2015  

United Tech sells Sikorsky to Lockheed Martin

features Aerospace Defense Machine Building Automation
May 22, 2015  

Canadian augmented reality tech takes CMMS to the next level

News Defense Automation General
August 20, 2014  

U.S. Navy to test industrial exoskeleton

News Aerospace Additive Manufacturing
May 7, 2014  

Lockheed Martin, RedEye build one of the largest 3D printed parts

News Aerospace General
September 25, 2013  

Former RCAF commander to head Lockheed Martin Canada

News Aerospace General
December 12, 2012  

F-35 in danger of falling off U.S. fiscal cliff

News General
August 9, 2011  

SMSS robotic vehicles selected for Afghanistan deployment

News Aerospace General
June 21, 2011  

Héroux-Devtek lands multi-year landing gear contract

News Sustainability
February 11, 2011  

N.S. gov’t announces fourth test tidal power in Bay of Fundy