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May 9, 2018  

U.S. and Mexico move further apart on NAFTA auto talks

News Automotive General
March 21, 2018  

Auto talks spark newfound optimism in NAFTA negotiations

News Automotive General
March 19, 2018  

U.S. shows interest in Canada’s NAFTA revamp proposal

News General
March 15, 2018  

Trump’s new economic advisor says leaving NAFTA his greatest fear

News General
February 7, 2018  

Canada hints at NAFTA deal by end of March

News Aerospace Automotive Defense General
January 31, 2018  

Canada holds breath as it offers NAFTA counter-proposal

News General
December 18, 2017  

Top 10 Design Engineering Stories of 2017

News Aerospace Automotive General
December 18, 2017  

Canadian exporters feel pessimistic and raise concerns over NAFTA uncertainty

News Automotive General
November 20, 2017  

Canada to lecture US peers on auto proposals at NAFTA talks

News General
October 24, 2017  

Unifor boss wades into Bombardier, NAFTA talks

News Automotive General
October 8, 2017  

U.S. demands stringent new American content requirements, jeopardizing NAFTA talks

News Aerospace General
September 21, 2017  

Bombardier workers rally in solidarity ahead of U.S. trade spat decision

News Automotive General
March 24, 2017  

Ontario premier Wynne talks trade with auto industry leaders

News Automotive General
February 27, 2017  

Magna expresses concern for auto industry over protectionist trade measures

News Automotive General
February 21, 2017  

Unifor chief says auto industry on the cusp of rebuilding

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February 16, 2017  

Ford Canada reiterates commitment to invest $700M in Ontario

News Automotive General
April 27, 2016  

Fiat Chrysler announces shift in NAFTA production

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March 28, 2016  

Auto industry installs half of all industrial robots