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The Exploration Company, TRUMPF partner to 3D-print reusable rocket engines

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EU-based start-up aims to make its Huracán engine reusable and re-fuelable in orbit.

The Exploration Company uses TRUMPF 3D printers to produce core components for the propulsion systems of its Nyx spacecraft.
(Photo: The Exploration Company)

European space-travel start-up, The Exploration Company, announced it will employ 3D printers by German technology company, TRUMPF, to print spacecraft components its Huracán and Mistral engines that will power its Nyx Earth and Nyx Moon spacecraft. According to the company, the aim is to make the Huracán engine reusable and refuelable in orbit with bio-methane and oxygen.

“Our aim is to offer space missions more cost-effectively than was previously possible. Our spacecraft can benefit from TRUMPF’s manufacturing and application expertise. TRUMPF has decades of experience in the production of high-precision components,” said The Exploration Company CEO, Hélène Huby.

The start-up plans to send a space capsule to orbit the earth for several months in an initial mission in 2026. Starting in 2028, further missions are planned to go to the moon. The spacecraft will initially carry freight, but in the long term, people will also fly on board. According to the start-up, it has so far raised 65 million euros from private and public investors.



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