Design Engineering

How Cobot Solutions Elevate Your Workforce

Mike McLeod   

Webinar Automation

Design Engineering will hosting a free webinar (Wed, July 19 @ 1pm ET) during which Quebec-based end-effector developer, Robotiq, and Advanced Motion Canada will demonstrate three turnkey solutions that leverage Universal Robots’ cobot platform and ecosystem.

During the event, the companies will show how Robotiq’s Palletizing Solutions automates the mundane material handling process of stacking and de-stacking pallets using a dual zone design.

Similarly, the webinar will feature a CNC Machine Tending solution, which incorporates Robotiq’s gripping technology along with non-invasive integration for machine control. The graphical based programming interface allows users to “Keep the chips flying” with minimal programming knowledge.

The webinar will also include a demonstration of Robotiq’s Screw Driving solution, which features an automated feeding system that ensures fasteners are always properly oriented and in position for the next pick. The end-of-arm tooling also provides consistent torquing of all fasteners.

Register today to see how these Robotiq/UR collaborative robot solutions work with your shop floor talent to increase productivity and drive down production costs in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace.


Robert Almeida, Business Development Manager, Advanced Motion & Control

Kendra Patton: Key Accounts Manager for Palletizing – Americas, Robotiq

Ben Pinto: Regional Sales Manager-GTA, Advanced Motion & Control