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Building Logic into Solidworks models

By Ben Eadie   

CAD/CAM/CAE Ben Eadie CAD Neil Custard SolidWorks / show off a simple way to use the equation editor to speed up design.

Solidworks gurus Ben Eadie ( and Neil Custard ( have combined forces to bring their subscribers twice the Solidworks educational advice and tutorial content.

In their latest post, Ben Eadie shows how people waste time making small, case-by-case variations to a base part’s geometry. However, using Solidworks’ equation editor, you can spend a little time on the first model and build logic into the part that will save you having to manually create configurations and or copies of the model. Putting some simple logic statements into an equation on the part can save you MASSIVE amounts of time.

Check out this video “Using the Equation Editor to Speed Up Design” and many others on the website.



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