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Incremental Encoder Module

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Motion Control encoder senser WAGO

WAGO SPEEDWAY module features counting function.

WAGO Corporation added an HTL Incremental Encoder/Counter Module to its SPEEDWAY IP67 I/O-SYSTEM. The machine-mountable 767-5202 evaluates incremental encoders and SSI absolute encoders at 24 V signal levels in harsh environments. It also provides a counting function for binary signals up to 250 kHZ.

The SPEEDWAY 767-5202 provides two 8-pole M12 encoder ports. Channel configuration options include type of evaluation and sensor; output format; filters; inversion; latch; gate; preset; cam; simulation and limits. 767-5202 also has two 5-pole M12 ports with four configurable digital inputs/outputs for sensors and actuators. Two of these channels can serve as pulse-width-modulated outputs, with the 100 Hz–10 kHz clock frequency having a pulse-width repetition rate of 0–100 percent.

The 767-5202 is configurable via fieldbus-independent FDT/DTM, or via fieldbus-dependent device descriptions (e.g., GSD or GSDML). It is programmable via USB interface integrated into the fieldbus coupler, or directly via fieldbus (not applicable to Ethernet-based couplers).



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