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PLTM 3D Printer

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Additive Manufacturing

Prolay 7Q’s PLTM process speeds print output by 1.5 to 5 times faster depending on the geometry.

Prolay introduced its Prolay 7Q, which features the company’s Progressive Layer Thickness Manufacturing (PLTM) process, a technology similar to FDM/FFF but with variable layer thickness. The system utilizes four printheads, in sizes from .2 – .6mm, to deposits layers from .05 to 1.6mm. The 7Q has a 725 x 450 x 500mm build space and motor max velocity up to 600mm/s. Supported build material filaments include ABS, ABS-CF, PC, PC-CF, PC-ABS, among other options. The system’s web-based software allows 3D printing projects to be accessed and managed remotely. It also includes predefined parameter sets for various materials as well as an open parameters database that allows for customization and experimentation.


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