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Step Motors

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Motion Control Machine Building

Applied Motion step motors offer high torque for space-limited applications.

Applied Motion Products released step motors for applications with limited space. The line includes NEMA size 8 at 1.24 or 1.85 inches long (holding torque up to 4.53 oz-in); NEMA size 11 at 1.22 or 2.05 inches long (torque up to 14.16 oz-in); and NEMA size 14 1.02 or 1.57 inches long (torques up to 25.53 oz-in). These hybrid-type, RoHS-compliant motors are available in both single and double-shaft versions and feature a 1.8 degree step angle. To address customers requirements for specific connectors and couplings, Applied Motion Products provides its motors with customized cable and connector assemblies and a variety of options including flats, thru-holes and custom lengths.


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