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UK inventor to blast France with world’s largest fart machine

Mike McLeod   

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Colin Furze's juvenile contraption passes wind at 140 decibels.

14-July-Furze-fart-machine-625UK plumber, inventor and eternal adolescent, Colin Furze, will be letting one loose at France later today with a 16-foot “bum” sculpture housing what he says is the world’s largest fart machine. It’s hard to imagine he has any competition in that category but the contraption – essentially a large valveless pulse jet engine – produces a fart-like sound at up to 140 decibels, he says.

At around 7pm Thursday, London time, Furze plans to position the giant buttocks toward France from the Dover cliffs in hopes that French residents, 21 miles across the English Channel, can hear it. Furze told CBC Radio that he has nothing against the French; they are simply England’s nearest neighbors.

The UK mechanical prankster is also a bit of a YouTube sensation, best known for holding three world records, including the world largest bonfire, fastest pram, and fastest mobility scooter which topped out at 71 mph.



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