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News Aerospace Automation
May 16, 2017  

U of T Engineering team takes top prize at national drone competition

News General
September 12, 2016  

First-of-its-kind conference explores engineering leadership education

News Automotive General
August 15, 2016  

U of T Engineering’s Blue Sky Solar Racing team wins bronze

News Aerospace General
March 22, 2016  

U of T Aerospace Team displays its latest fleet designs

News Energy General Materials
July 16, 2015  

UofT researchers’ new hybrid crystal opens door to hyper-efficient LEDs

News General
February 4, 2015  

U of T engineering dept enrolls record number of female students

News Energy Sustainability
December 10, 2014  

UofT researchers develop spray-on solar power technique

News Medical General
September 18, 2014  

3D skin graft bioprinter wins Canadian 2014 James Dyson Award

News General
April 30, 2014  

Université Laval wins Shell Eco-Marathon Americas … Again

features General
April 22, 2014  

Open to Business

News General
November 13, 2013  

Canadian researchers create thin radar invisibility cloak

News General
October 16, 2013  

In-car Wi-Fi a bad idea say U of T researchers

features General
July 3, 2013  

Light of a New Age

News Aerospace General
June 26, 2013  

Canadian human-powered helicopter may have won Sikorsky Prize

News Medical General
June 12, 2013  

U of T electronic chip identifies deadly pathogens in minutes

News General
February 6, 2013  

UofT grads light world’s most energy efficient lightbulb

features Aerospace General
October 31, 2012  


News Aerospace General
August 29, 2012  

Canadian human-powered helicopter hopes to take off this week

February 28, 2012  

NSERC hands Synergy Award for Innovation to Autodesk Research and U of T

News General
February 9, 2012  

Canadian engineer creates ultra-cheap prosthetic leg

News General
November 1, 2011  

U Of T researchers create high-efficiency OLED display on plastic

News General
October 12, 2011  

Canadian engineering team takes top spot at World Human Powered Speed Challenge

News General
September 28, 2011  

Engineering students to gather for Canada's largest Formula SAE race

News General
June 8, 2010  

UofT Engineering Student Named to Top 20 Under 20