Design Engineering

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April 3, 2013  

Virginia Tech researchers unveil robotic jellyfish

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February 19, 2013  

Bionic hand with sense of touch developed

PackPress Automation
January 21, 2013  

Robot Controller

News Defense General
October 24, 2012  

Robotic Fish projects funded as potential Navy drones

News Aerospace General
October 19, 2012  

MDA selected for DARPA Phoenix program

News Automotive General
July 18, 2012  

MIT mech engineers create intelligent automotive co-pilot

Feature Automation Motion Control
June 26, 2012  

Industrial Droid

News General
June 20, 2012  

USC robot gains sense of touch

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June 15, 2012  

Robotic crawler climbs wind turbines, inspects blades

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June 6, 2012  

Roboships considered for Canadian Navy

News General
June 5, 2012  

RobotShop ranks as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies.

News General
May 15, 2012  

Honda Robotics rolls out UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device

News General
April 26, 2012  

Canadian teams head to FIRST World Championship

News General
April 12, 2012  

DARPA seeks humanoid robots for XPrize-type contest

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February 15, 2012  

World’s first hockey playing robot

PackPress General
February 13, 2012  

6-Axis Robot

News Automation
December 7, 2011  

KUKA Robotics Canada opens new facility

News Medical General
September 20, 2011  

Canadian robotic brain surgeon nears regulatory approval

News General
September 16, 2011  

Panasonic mini-robot to take on Kona

News Aerospace General
July 26, 2011  

MDA receives amendments for RADARSAT’s design phase

News Machine Building Motion Control
June 8, 2011  

RMT Robotics secures robotic gantry contract

News Aerospace General
May 31, 2011  

Canadian lunar robot rocks NASA competition

PackPress Automation
April 7, 2011  

3D Vision System

News Aerospace General
February 18, 2011  

Lunar Robot X Prize contestants announced

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May 3, 2010  

Icy Control

News Automation Motion Control
December 14, 2009  

Modular Robotics

News Machine Building Automation Motion Control
July 29, 2009  

Rise of the DeltaBot

News Automation Motion Control
July 14, 2009  

In Parallel

News Motion Control
April 21, 2009  

Billiard ‘bots turn classic game on its head

News Motion Control
April 17, 2009  

Robotic arm extend authors’ signatures over cyberspace

News General
April 13, 2009  

Researchers develop first flying micro-robot

News General
April 8, 2009  

Canada provides R&D for next-generation robotic arms